What might happen if the drinkable water supply becomes scarce on earth

It’s true that an adult human cannot survive without food for more than two weeks, and that’s only if the human is in the optimal condition. However, when we’re talking about water, every human being will not be able to last more than two days without it. That’s why the existence of drinkable water is vital. It’s true that water damage can happen in many areas, that’s why it’s important for you to call the best water damage repair company, the H2O-R, in order to repair any water damage as soon as possible.

There are a lot of catastrophes that can happen if the drinkable water supply has become scarce on earth. Many people and even living beings will lose their lives, and even the extinction of all life on this planet might be inevitable.

Here are the catastrophes that can happen, when the water supply has become scarce:

1. There will be a lot of riots on every civilization area around the world. There won’t be anyone who cares about the law and regulations anymore, due to their survival will be the number one priority. People will give everything they’ve got in order to gain access to the drinkable water, even if it means that they have to kill others for a cup of water. It can happen if there are no more trees on earth, that can sustain the water supply under the soil. That’s why trees are beyond important for all life.

2. Animals can be extinct. It’s a fact that there won’t be any living being that can survive without the existence of water, especially humans, who have the weaker resistance to bacteria, so while the animals can drink dirty water, the humans won’t be able to do the same. It’s possible that the whole mankind might be extinct first before other living creatures.

3. No life left on earth. It will be just like other planets in our sol system. No water means no life. That’s why it is our duty to protect the water supply and environment on our planet, in order to give the next generation the better place to live.