Now the question arises why the reservation is necessary to do? Especially with the system ASI Front Desk as a hotel software. The answer is because with the reservation would bring benefits to both sides, both on the part of a benefit or advantage on the part of the hotel itself. Advantages reservation guests are:

1. Guests will be assured that the rooms will be available when the time comes.

2. Guests can estimate the budget will be spent on lodging expenses during the journey.

3. Guest avoid possible dangers and risks that may occur in the course of looking for a room for a place to stay.

4. Guests can enjoy maximum service because preparations have been done long said that before.

Advantages for hotel reservation:

1. The hotel can predict occupancy rates in a given period.

2. Hotel room revenue can predict a certain period, so as to put together a program that would use a certain budget.

3. Useful to draw up a schedule for employees who will work for a certain period.

4. The hotel can provide superior service to guests, so guests will feel satisfied. provide maximum service.