It’s true that if your wife is cheating on you will hurt you a lot. Yes, it’s her fault that she has gone with another man, despite the fact that both of you have been married. However, no matter how wrong your wife is, it’s a fact that you as the husband is also contributing to the factors that drive her to cheat as well. There are many small mistakes that have been happened every day, that you don’t realize those mistakes that you’ve made, drive your wife to feel stressed out. Unfortunately, when it happens, another man shows up and he is willing to give her what she needs. That’s why you should also realize that although it’s her who cheats on you, there must be some of your faults as well that make her be like this. If you’re willing to learn more about infidelity, check the

If you still want your marriage to be saved, you need to appreciate more. Yes, you might think that you’ve been appreciated her enough, but it might be just in your opinion. Maybe in her own opinion, you are too busy with your work and forget about her needs. Remember that your wife is also a human being just like you, although money is important, she has other needs than just money. She needs you to appreciate more after many days of doing her work well, she needs you to talk with her, or simply need your attention. Sometimes sex is also the problem. Refusing your wife biological needs is a bad idea, especially if your wife is at her 30, when at that age, most of the women are having the highest sexual interest with men. It’s important for you to appreciate her more and give everything you’ve got in order to save your marriage. It’s true that if your wife is cheating, the fault is hers. However, remember that you are also contributing to the factors that made her cheat. You need to be there for her more than before.