Things to Consider When Choosing a Kayak

Rowing is a sport that uses a paddle and place on rivers, lakes, and sea. In kayak rowing, there are only two kinds of strokes namely to paddle forward and to paddle backward. If you want a boat to move forward then use the paddle forward while paddle backward to stop the boat on the move or does want the boat to move backward. If you want to deflect the boat to the right then the left-hand paddle forward and backward paddling right hand, and vice versa if you want to turn left.

One of the types of rowing sports is kayaking. It is a kind of sport which requires an inflatable kayak, for example, and a paddle. Thus, for those who want to try this type of rowing sport, then, they need to choose the right kayak and paddle for themselves. How to choose the right kayak? Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a kayak.

1. Size and weight

The size and weight of the kayak, indeed, plays an important role in the best kayak. As to choose the right type of kayak, it should be adjusted with the posture of the person who is going to use it.

2. Balance

A balance is necessary for choosing the best kayak. For a kayak which is long-bodied and wide in size, it is a must to have a high balance. The balance consists of the primary and secondary balances. Primary balance is the balance of which is difficult to turn around and quite stable and will be easily reversed when it is separated from its center of gravity. As for the secondary balance, it is the situation which is not so stable when in a boat so that it is difficult to turn around when it is detached from the center of gravity.

3. Rocker

Rocker in question here is the part of the notch on the bottom or hull until the bow or stem.