The tips to help the bone fracture victim

Helping an accident victim who is getting a bone fracture must be done carefully. According to Houston Hand Surgeon, no matter how painful the scream of the victim is, moving the victim hastily due to panicking will just make the victim condition to becomes worse. It’s important to calm the victim and move him or her slowly. If you’re not an expert on the bone injuries, don’t do anything recklessly to that wounded person, in order to avoid the worse condition.

Here are the things that you need to do (these tips are not for the spinal bone fracture, due to it requires the professional help):

1. The closed bone fracture

– Lay the victim down, don’t move him or her if it’s not necessary
– Support the broken bone with a stick, wooden block, a pole, or anything else that’s solid, light, and strong.
Tie the supportive item near the broken part bu DO NOT tie it right on the broken part.

2. The open bone fracture

– It’s the same as the closed bone fracture, but you need to stop the bleeding by using a clean piece of cloth before you’re supporting the bones with the supportive item, just like in the closed bone fracture.